Saturday, 19 July 2014

Reading Slumps and How to Overcome Them

Reading Slumps. Two words that should not be used in the same sentence. A reading slump is where you just cannot read anything. You try to read, you really do, but all the books you own look horrible and unappealing - even if you've been waiting to read it for a long time. We avid readers hate reading slumps, and I have sadly been in one that lasted over a month - eek!
This is my own personal How-to guide to get out a reading slump that might be helpful to you.

1. Watch a movie adaption of a book you enjoyed. 
I, personally, find this really helpful as movie adaptions just has this affect that makes me want to read the book (again). A few favourites are Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Percy Jackson and City of Bones.

2. Visit your local library or bookshop.
I find this really helpful as I'd be surrounded by books and reminded of ones you've already read and your experiences reading them.

3. Re-read (a few chapters) of your favourite books.

Whether or not you re-read books, this tip really helps. It reminds you of your experiences reading the book, and how much you enjoyed them. I usually re-read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Lunar Chronicles.

4. Read a mystery and/or action.

This tip is controversial but I find reading a mystery draws me in and gets me interested in the plot so I keep reading. You could try Agatha Christie.

5. Read a graphic novel/manga.

Maybe you can't read anything because you don't have the time but graphic novels/manga are really quick to get through and the art is amazing. They're really light and a great way to get out a reading slump. I recommend Locke & Key, Death Note and Attack on Titan.