About Me!


I never really know what to say about myself so I sound either interesting or normal but I'll begin with a few facts;

  • My name is Hagar Manssour
  • I am an ardent reader
  • I was born in Egypt but moved to the UK when I was 3 months old
  • I love watching Sherlock
  • Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw which I'm actually quite pleased about
  • I may be slightly out of the ordinary
I actually had another blog before this, also about books, but I deleted it soon after creating it as I wasn't really in the best of situations to start a blog.
I was always encouraged to read, since I was very young. I remember the weekly trips my family and I took to the library, which I loved!
 I used to read the Mr Men and Little Miss books when I was really young and I still own them :)
When I got to about the age of 8, I started reading the Rainbow Magic books.
From 10-11, I read Cathy Cassidy (and still do) and a lot of Jacqueline Wilson.
I then discovered the YA genre which I love so much and feel most comfortable in.

I hope you have enjoyed looking around my blog!
Hagar Manssour